TBR: September

CAUTION: YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PUT SUCH LISTED BOOKS DOWN WHICH CAN CAUSE NOT GETTING ANYTHING DONE. You have been warned. Listed here in this blog post are all the books that I think you should read this September. These books are perfect for late night reading in that cozy spot of yours. Some of these books I have read recently but some of them I will be reading right along with you in the upcoming month. This list consumes of a grumpy old man, a magic telephone, finding God’s best in the most unlikely places, and a collection of mommy essays. These are all just good for the soul type of books. Happy endings are my favorite....Read More

The Art of Racing in the Rain – Garth Stein

Typically, there is the women's point of view and then there is the man's point of view but that is until this novel came along. The Art of Dancing in the Rain is told in the point of a view of a man's best friend as you follow along his lifelong journey. Enzo educates himself through the words of the television and his owner in order to better prepare himself for the afterlife of a human. Reading in the perspective can make you take a step back and see what human life is like in the eyes of something so selfless. As a reader, I normally stick to the over dramatic love stories and this novel was far from that. This novel was...Read More

Public Service Announcement Y’all

Calling all book lovers! Pinch yourself because this is not a dream and I have found the hidden treasure that we have all been dreaming of. Book lovers meet Thrift Books, Thrift Books meet book lovers.  This is a site that you can purchase books without making your wallet cry like a little baby. It is like an online Goodwill for books without the hassle of having to drive from store to store. Stay at home, relax, drink wine, and order away. I have never been so passionate about a company and have to share this. Here lies a website that you can purchase books for a fraction of the price. Not only does this company sell you books at the...Read More