The Fleming’s Went Honeymoonin’

Guess what we did? WE WENT ON OUR HONEYMOON. (it only took us eighteen months to get our butts there) Since we got married it has always been our plan to go to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon but life always got in the way. So, we held on to that “honeymoon stage” of our marriage until we were able to make the trip. Eighteen months later we finally made it. This was also our first time since we married that we have went on a vacation that it was just the two of us. I did not realize that until we got there when I started to miss our couple friend that we usually go on all vacations with....Read More

Sunday Thoughts, October 9th

I know I have not been at this very long BUT whatever just go with it. Blogging is such a fun learning experience about yourself. I have been complimented by so many about my writing and I sit there and laugh waiting for the punch line to their joke. None of them were joking and now I have let it all go to my head. Thanks guys. In all seriousness, you all are just fueling me to want to write about everything and giving me the confidence to do so. I cannot wait for everyone to read what exactly goes on this pretty little head of mine, Stay tuned. Regardless of my lack of creativity I knew that I wanted this to...Read More

Let’s Get Your Facts Straight

Twenty fantastic facts about me that you probably didn't want to know about. Enjoy. I came into this post and thinking that I was going to write fifty things about me but I don't think I even know fifty things about me so twenty will have to do. I played volleyball, softball, basketball, and swam competitively growing up. I am a football fanatic. GO BRONCOS. I spent a lot of my time growing up in a laundromat because of the family business. I have a tattoo of a paper airplane and my mom has a paper boat. I used to speak a little bit of  Spanish but I have forgotten every word. I have the strangest wisdom tooth extraction story ever. It ends with me...Read More

490 Urban

I am currently typing this blog post while waiting for my nail polish to dry. The nail polish that was picked reminded me of the day before my wedding. Here is why. December 18, 2015 The day before my wedding us girls went out to get our nails done. This consisted of my mom, my two sisters, and me. All this bride to be wanted was navy blue nails. This nail salon had no such color. It was like I was asking for some strange color that no one has ever heard of before. They had a color that was somewhat close to what I wanted but two nails in and they ran out. The nail tech just looked at us like we were...Read More