Behind the Name

My husband told me to get a hobby so I created this blog. Lets see how this goes.


I am not a crafty person yet I always find myself in the midst of a project. Usually this is because I am saving fifty to a hundred dollars by doing so. From party shenanigans to home decor I will provide a step by step tutorial of my crafts. These crafts that I do are a collaboration of what we see all over the Internet to make something completely different and unique.


This blog will also cover my opini on so many different subjects. I enjoy reading so I will love to share with you all on my reviews. I am a sephora-holic. There is no doubt about that. I will be sharing my thoughts on the products that I sample and purchase. Whatever else I feel like telling you will also be featured on here. It’s my blog. I don’t blog. We will see how this works.


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