Maternity Shoot

Ready, set, PANIC because we are just three weeks away from our due date! We are so excited to finally meet our sweet little p. A baby shower gift from dear friends of ours was a maternity shoot. I am so happy to be able to show these wonderful pictures to you all. I am wearing the Krysten gown from Sew Trendy Accessories. They were great to work with. The dress is perfect quality and was so affordable. I received the dress with my own measurements in a matter of three weeks. It was the perfect maternity dress for the United States Marine Corps Birthday Ball and my maternity photo shoot. (not an affiliate link) The photographer is a fellow...Read More

The Fleming’s Went Honeymoonin’

Guess what we did? WE WENT ON OUR HONEYMOON. (it only took us eighteen months to get our butts there) Since we got married it has always been our plan to go to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon but life always got in the way. So, we held on to that “honeymoon stage” of our marriage until we were able to make the trip. Eighteen months later we finally made it. This was also our first time since we married that we have went on a vacation that it was just the two of us. I did not realize that until we got there when I started to miss our couple friend that we usually go on all vacations with....Read More

Red, white, & due in DECEMBER

first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby fleming. I am currently sixteen weeks pregnant and #dueindecember. o   Our baby is the size of an avocado. o   I started showing as early as 14 weeks and everything is starting to not fit me. o   I crave pizza, spicy chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A, chicken wings, and Hot Cheetos. o   I am so ready to start shopping for baby Fleming. December is going to be a VERY BUSY month for us. My birthday is the thirteenth and our anniversary is the nineteenth. Our lease is up on the fifteenth at our apartment and we will be hopefully moving on base. FIVE DAYS BEFORE MY DUE DATE WE ARE MOVING. I am...Read More

My Husband’s Ring

Backing it up one time before I head into this review. My husband had a very nice and kind of pricey tungsten black wedding ring. It was a great ring.That ring is somewhere in the Colorado River. I am a very sentimental person so I am very sad that the original wedding ring that we got married with is gone forever. (Note: If you husband is ever going to spend the day at the river, take his ring off before) Moment of silence for the black wedding ring pictured above. Photo credit: Not Your Normal Photography I wanted my husband to wear a ring but we were not about to spend another five hundred dollars. My husband is way too handsome...Read More

The perfect gift for him

Trying to find the perfect inexpensive gift for men is the hardest thing that you will probably do this holiday season. You can ask but they won't tell you or they nicely plead for nothing. I have found such gift that I am sure any guy would appreciate. I hope this works out for the ladies searching. It a wallet insert! I wanted to get Jonathan something very different for our one year anniversary. I wanted it to be something manly enough that he would want to carry it with him which seemed impossible. Looking through the internet I found the perfect gift. I really do not think I will ever find a better gift for him.  I found it on Etsy. It is...Read More

10 Perks of Getting Married Young

I married my husband at the age of twenty-two.  Big whoop. I married young because there were two lives that needed to be meshed together for eternity. His and mine. I did not want to miss another minute of his life and he did not want to miss another one of mine. Listed below are ten what I think perks of getting married at such a young age. My search for Mr. Right is over. I get to skip the terrible years of dating those that just do not fit the part. My heart does not have to break every few months with a fall out of someone that never really mattered. My memories are only filled with one really great guy. I found...Read More

My Baby Sterling

We are dog people with a cat. We had a gift card to Old Navy which just so happened to be next to a PetSmart. After shopping we went into the pets store to look around and found ourselves walking out with a cat. We are both known to be allergic to cats but somehow she works. She was just the character we needed to fill our first home together. So, my people meet my lady Sterling.* She is our little diva. Diva might even be an under statement. She is a brat. We love her though, I promise. I will say something nice now: She is the most perfect little angel when she is asleep. She begs for food and by...Read More

A Little History Lesson For Ya

If you ever feel in a blah mood I recommend going through old boxes or digging really deep in that closet full of old stuff. I am not a hoarder I just keep all the right keepsakes. I went through our hallway closet today and found a piece of scrap paper from two and a half years ago. This piece of paper was a good reminder for me and I thought I would share it with you guys. I rang in the new year of 2014 alone. I was burned out from my job, in a degree I was not enjoying, and in a living situation where the differences between my roommate and I caused us to no longer speak. I...Read More

Jonathan & Brianna

jAA-nuh-thun & bree-AA-nuh Friends First  I met Jonathan during the summer of 2005 as he lived just around the corner of my house in Buckeye, Arizona. We were neighbors for almost six years. We took the bus to school together and frequently hung out at each other's houses or the neighborhood park. We used to see who could throw the baseball harder at each other while playing catch and I used to watch him play his dorky computer games. He will tell you I was mean and I will tell you that it was because he was a boy. During high school was when our friendship started to slip away and that was because of different interests and us simply growing...Read More