Flower Keepsake

Flower Keepsake

For the boys: Buy the girl some flowers. For the girls: Save them forever. In this beautiful decorative piece I have every single flower that my husband ever bought for me. From the first bouquet, to pre Marine Ball celebrations, and to the just because flowers they are stored in this piece as a keepsake. If my house was to ever catch on fire this would be the first item that I would grab to save. I will probably never understand why receiving flowers is such a grand gesture but seeing them everyday really helped when my husband was away. Not only does this work as a cute home decoration but there is that special meaning behind it. This  specific decorative piece is from Pier One. It has...Read More

DIY Save The Date

Do it yourself. It is possible. You can do this. My wedding is what unleashed my inner craftiness. I handmade so much for my wedding and it saved me hundreds of dollars that I did not have. The best part about making things yourself is that you can get it to be exactly the way you want with the correct wording and colors. Before you spend the money on anything for your wedding make sure you cannot make it first. I would then like to share with you how I created some of the things from my wedding starting with my save the date cards. Don’t worry, I am not the craftiest of the crafty and this project is so...Read More

DIY Greeting Card Keepsake

Written on the inside of them are usually special messages that you would want to save forever. But, how do you store them? You could just store them in a box and find that box when it is time to move or you could make this lovely book to show them off. I bring to you a quick and easy DIY to collaborate all the greeting cards from your events into one lovely book. Supplies Cards Hole Puncher String Scissors Paper   Instructions Divide the cards into two piles based off of their size. Hole punch the top left and bottom left corners of the bigger cards Hole punch the top left corner only of the smaller cards. Cut your paper...Read More