The blog turned one!

There has been plenty going on around here and it has been making me a very busy women. Busy is a good thing though. We are going to play a little round of catch up. Collaborate 'n Listen turned ONE! I still have no idea what I am doing but I keep on writing. It was a fun year with this blog. I definitely  took a lot of time learning on the side then actually blogging. But, I will get there. I did not expect anything to happen this year or even this next year. I am just here. This is for myself. This is my creative outlet. I am not here to make money, get free things, or be...Read More

Steal his hoodie and his…

shave balm y'all! This is probably like the most unusual makeup dupe out there. I have switched out from buying expensive face primers with a shave balm. Weird, right? Anyways, I first saw this being used this way on YouTube. I thought it was weird and had no interest in trying this out. Then, it came time to buy a new primer. I was not happy with the prices. I usually get the prime & poreless that does not last as long as I would like it to. But, sitting in the back of my mind was the idea to try this out. I am never going back. The shave balm that I am talking about is Nivea Post Replenishing...Read More

How I Organize My Important Papers

I got it from my mama. (I am talking about this life hack not my you know what) A binder, some protector sheets, and a whole lot of important papers is all you need for this little life tip. I file everything within binders in my house. This is mainly done because we do not own a filing cabinet. This keeps my documents just as organized though. Each binder I have holds a different category of each group of documents. We have one for me, one for him, one for us, and one for our home. Each document or group of documents is placed in a protector sheet. This way the papers will stay nice and neat but I can...Read More

Fall Bucket List

The season of fall is only fifty days long so let’s enjoy every day of it. I dare you to print this list & check off every item off of the list before the winter season begins. Take a picture and use the hashtag #fallbucketlist every time you do one of the items! Fall bucket list, download here. I cannot wait to see you all complete the items on this list. Happy Fall. Also, check out the challenge that I have for the season as well! Click here.

Holiday Season Challenge

For the next three months I want you to write one positive thing that happened to you on that day. You do not have to write a lengthy story but just a couple words or a sentence will do. The point of this is to get you to reflect on the positive of your day. So maybe it was something you saw, something that made you laugh, an event, a scripture, a song, or simply the weather. Whatever it was, write it down. The end of the holiday season you will have three months worth of positivity written down to remember. The next three months can be stressful and hectic for everyone but that is not how it is supposed to...Read More

DIY Fall Banner

Happy Autumn. I am SO ready for sweaters, warm tea, & football. Oh, and for Yuma to get with the season. I am done with 100 degree weather! Anyways, Lets celebrate with this quick and easy DIY Fall Banner. Materials: Only four things! Burlap I bought a roll of navy blue burlap from WalMart Twine This hot tangled mess of mine is also from WalMart. Hot Glue Gun w/ sticks Scissors Directions: Five minute kind of quick! Cut burlap into rectangles. Glue the twine an half an inch from the top of the burlap. Continue for each piece. When starting the banner leave an inch or two for hanging purposes. In between each burlap piece leave about an inch. Place...Read More

But Shoot, It Was 99 Cents

GOODWILL FIND. Almost every morning I get asked where his cover is or we argue on who has to go upstairs to go and grab it. & then this gem was found at our local goodwill. But it was bright blue. My first upcycle, woohoo.  Here is the before. I started to paint in the corner and then remembered that I needed a before picture! My plans for this piece is to hang it by the front door and use it as a catch all for my husband. All the stuff he will need to get him through the day will all be right next to the front door. No more six in the morning hunting. It is laminate but no...Read More

DIY Birthday Card

I recently came across this news article and knew I needed to send this girl a birthday card. So, I made one just for her. This is an upcycled craft and all the materials used were things that I have around the house. Do not worry my stash will end soon. Here is a quick & easy DIY birthday card. Supplies: Different Colored Construction Paper Twine Scissors Hot Glue Gun Pen Cardstock Envelope Stamps Directions: Gather all supplies needed for this project. If needed you can easily substitute any of this supplies with what YOU have around the house. Example, instead of twine you can use string and instead of construction paper you can use washi tape.  I had to cut down the cardstock so...Read More

DIY Mouse Pad

I think cheap may be my favorite quality in anything. & along with cheap, I like easy! Here is a very cheap & easy DIY mouse pad. A mouse pad was on my list of things that I needed. There are cheap enough mouse pads out there where I could of just gone out and purchased one but where is the fun in that. So, I made my own chic mouse pad for absolutely no money. This DIY was an upcycle of materials and supplies that I had laying around my house. I encourage you to do the same as you do not need to use the materials that I have listed below. Get creative and make your own unique mouse pad with this DIY....Read More

DIY Kitchen Command Center

Organization is key.... Refrigerators are usually covered with an assortment of free magnets, past due invitations, and family pictures. Give your refrigerator its full potential and create this easy and cheap command center that will help keep your life organized! This command center is going to contain a monthly calendar, a weekly menu, a to-do list, and paper for grocery lists. There are plenty of other options to choose from to make a more unique command center for yourself. Some examples are a list of chores, a bill tracker, a homework check list, and an exercising check list. Anything that can be used to help organize you and your family can be placed on your fridge for all to see. I purchased three...Read More