Let’s Get Your Facts Straight

Twenty fantastic facts about me that you probably didn't want to know about. Enjoy. I came into this post and thinking that I was going to write fifty things about me but I don't think I even know fifty things about me so twenty will have to do. I played volleyball, softball, basketball, and swam competitively growing up. I am a football fanatic. GO BRONCOS. I spent a lot of my time growing up in a laundromat because of the family business. I have a tattoo of a paper airplane and my mom has a paper boat. I used to speak a little bit of  Spanish but I have forgotten every word. I have the strangest wisdom tooth extraction story ever. It ends with me...Read More

490 Urban

I am currently typing this blog post while waiting for my nail polish to dry. The nail polish that was picked reminded me of the day before my wedding. Here is why. December 18, 2015 The day before my wedding us girls went out to get our nails done. This consisted of my mom, my two sisters, and me. All this bride to be wanted was navy blue nails. This nail salon had no such color. It was like I was asking for some strange color that no one has ever heard of before. They had a color that was somewhat close to what I wanted but two nails in and they ran out. The nail tech just looked at us like we were...Read More

I am a MilSo.

December 19th I married an United States Marine thus making me a military spouse. In the beginning months of our marriage I had absolutely no intention on being your typical military spouse nor did I think I was fit for the part. It did not match my personality and it was not a lifestyle I understood. It was not something that I was not able to avoid though. I thought my life would be the same after marriage with school, job, and everyday life. I was wrong. Slowly my life changed and I became your typical military spouse. I became affiliated and there was no running from it especially when you move to a city in the middle of nowhere and it is all you got....Read More

A Little History Lesson For Ya

If you ever feel in a blah mood I recommend going through old boxes or digging really deep in that closet full of old stuff. I am not a hoarder I just keep all the right keepsakes. I went through our hallway closet today and found a piece of scrap paper from two and a half years ago. This piece of paper was a good reminder for me and I thought I would share it with you guys. I rang in the new year of 2014 alone. I was burned out from my job, in a degree I was not enjoying, and in a living situation where the differences between my roommate and I caused us to no longer speak. I...Read More