Sunday Thoughts, October 2nd

The sermon from last Sunday has been something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Towards the end of that sermon our pastor mentioned that he woke up that morning with a feeling that people of his church are in some kind of battle. A battle of addiction, grief, loss, or anything in that nature. He then asked for those that are battling with some kind of emotional or physical battle to stand up so him, along with everyone else in the church, can pray for them. Jonathan, eighty percent of the attendees, and I all stood up. I was not expecting that many people to be standing up with me. I almost did not want to stand up because...Read More

DIY Fall Banner

Happy Autumn. I am SO ready for sweaters, warm tea, & football. Oh, and for Yuma to get with the season. I am done with 100 degree weather! Anyways, Lets celebrate with this quick and easy DIY Fall Banner. Materials: Only four things! Burlap I bought a roll of navy blue burlap from WalMart Twine This hot tangled mess of mine is also from WalMart. Hot Glue Gun w/ sticks Scissors Directions: Five minute kind of quick! Cut burlap into rectangles. Glue the twine an half an inch from the top of the burlap. Continue for each piece. When starting the banner leave an inch or two for hanging purposes. In between each burlap piece leave about an inch. Place...Read More

Sunday Thoughts

As you may have read before I am your typical military spouse. Read here. My husband had made the gracious decision to re-enlist and because of this I decided to put myself out there and get more involved in the military community. If this is going to be my life for a while why not, right? Right! I got involved by volunteering with the unit's family readiness program. I won't go into too much detail of what this program is because it is beside the point for this blog post. But it is basically a resource and referral program for the families within the unit. I was appointed as a Family Readiness Assistant in the beginning of the summer. With the title...Read More

Let’s Get Your Facts Straight

Twenty fantastic facts about me that you probably didn't want to know about. Enjoy. I came into this post and thinking that I was going to write fifty things about me but I don't think I even know fifty things about me so twenty will have to do. I played volleyball, softball, basketball, and swam competitively growing up. I am a football fanatic. GO BRONCOS. I spent a lot of my time growing up in a laundromat because of the family business. I have a tattoo of a paper airplane and my mom has a paper boat. I used to speak a little bit of  Spanish but I have forgotten every word. I have the strangest wisdom tooth extraction story ever. It ends with me...Read More

490 Urban

I am currently typing this blog post while waiting for my nail polish to dry. The nail polish that was picked reminded me of the day before my wedding. Here is why. December 18, 2015 The day before my wedding us girls went out to get our nails done. This consisted of my mom, my two sisters, and me. All this bride to be wanted was navy blue nails. This nail salon had no such color. It was like I was asking for some strange color that no one has ever heard of before. They had a color that was somewhat close to what I wanted but two nails in and they ran out. The nail tech just looked at us like we were...Read More

But Shoot, It Was 99 Cents

GOODWILL FIND. Almost every morning I get asked where his cover is or we argue on who has to go upstairs to go and grab it. & then this gem was found at our local goodwill. But it was bright blue. My first upcycle, woohoo.  Here is the before. I started to paint in the corner and then remembered that I needed a before picture! My plans for this piece is to hang it by the front door and use it as a catch all for my husband. All the stuff he will need to get him through the day will all be right next to the front door. No more six in the morning hunting. It is laminate but no...Read More

My Baby Sterling

We are dog people with a cat. We had a gift card to Old Navy which just so happened to be next to a PetSmart. After shopping we went into the pets store to look around and found ourselves walking out with a cat. We are both known to be allergic to cats but somehow she works. She was just the character we needed to fill our first home together. So, my people meet my lady Sterling.* She is our little diva. Diva might even be an under statement. She is a brat. We love her though, I promise. I will say something nice now: She is the most perfect little angel when she is asleep. She begs for food and by...Read More

I am a MilSo.

December 19th I married an United States Marine thus making me a military spouse. In the beginning months of our marriage I had absolutely no intention on being your typical military spouse nor did I think I was fit for the part. It did not match my personality and it was not a lifestyle I understood. It was not something that I was not able to avoid though. I thought my life would be the same after marriage with school, job, and everyday life. I was wrong. Slowly my life changed and I became your typical military spouse. I became affiliated and there was no running from it especially when you move to a city in the middle of nowhere and it is all you got....Read More

A Little History Lesson For Ya

If you ever feel in a blah mood I recommend going through old boxes or digging really deep in that closet full of old stuff. I am not a hoarder I just keep all the right keepsakes. I went through our hallway closet today and found a piece of scrap paper from two and a half years ago. This piece of paper was a good reminder for me and I thought I would share it with you guys. I rang in the new year of 2014 alone. I was burned out from my job, in a degree I was not enjoying, and in a living situation where the differences between my roommate and I caused us to no longer speak. I...Read More

DIY Birthday Card

I recently came across this news article and knew I needed to send this girl a birthday card. So, I made one just for her. This is an upcycled craft and all the materials used were things that I have around the house. Do not worry my stash will end soon. Here is a quick & easy DIY birthday card. Supplies: Different Colored Construction Paper Twine Scissors Hot Glue Gun Pen Cardstock Envelope Stamps Directions: Gather all supplies needed for this project. If needed you can easily substitute any of this supplies with what YOU have around the house. Example, instead of twine you can use string and instead of construction paper you can use washi tape.  I had to cut down the cardstock so...Read More