The Fleming’s Went Honeymoonin’

Guess what we did?

WE WENT ON OUR HONEYMOON. (it only took us eighteen months to get our butts there)

Since we got married it has always been our plan to go to Lake Tahoe for our honeymoon but life always got in the way. So, we held on to that “honeymoon stage” of our marriage until we were able to make the trip. Eighteen months later we finally made it. This was also our first time since we married that we have went on a vacation that it was just the two of us. I did not realize that until we got there when I started to miss our couple friend that we usually go on all vacations with. I sure did tell everyone that we had a conversation with that we were on our honeymoon. I am glad we were able to take this trip before we turn into a party of three.

We took a weeklong vacation in the beautiful South Lake Tahoe. It was so nice to take a break from our hot weather down in Yuma, Arizona, as the highest it got there was about 82 degrees. We stayed at the Lake Tahoe Season’s Resort. It was such a pleasure to stay there. The room was nice, the other people staying there were nice, and the employees were wonderful.

Here is a breakdown of what we did and where we ate.

DAY 1. SUNDAY. (thirteen hour drive & a fifteen dollar burger)

We left our home in Yuma, Arizona around 6:30 in the morning and didn’t arrive to our hotel until about 7:00 that night. The drive was not fun for me at all. I was having some major back and pelvic pain from this pregnancy. Every stop we took I would have to do laps around the car or walk around the parking lot for about fifteen minutes. I was constantly shifting in my seat and fighting with my pillow.

Jonathan and I have our own road trip game that we play. I am not sure if it is already out there but it’s like a grown-up spin on the traditional ABC game that you play in the car as a kid. Instead of looking for words that start with the letter we find cars that start with the letter. For example, the letter A would be something like a Chevy Avalanche and the letter B could be a BMW. It’s a little challenging. Next road trip you take I recommend giving that a go.

We stayed at Lake Tahoe Seasons Resort. It is set back from the main street which put us right along beautiful views and some peace and quite. We were greeted by the most pleasant valet people. Every single one of them welcomed us with questions about our drive and where we were coming from. They took our luggage to our room and one even stayed back and drew on our little map of Lake Tahoe of every single restaurant that we MUST try. Before we would leave the hotel, they would ask us where we were going just in case they had a coupon for us. HOW WONDERFUL.

For dinner, we were guided over to Lucky Beaver. It is a small little burger place right along the Nevada and California state line. When you first walk in there is a little window of where you can see the chef cooking the burgers on a turn table. The burgers were delicious and may have been the best burger I have ever had. The burgers start at a price point of fifteen dollars. The Cajun fries are extremely hot and a glass of draft beer is about eleven dollars. This place is a must go.

DAY 2. MONDAY. (explored the town and a 195 dollar tequila)

This was our day to recover from our long day of driving and check out the town that we were staying in. South Lake Tahoe has a lot of shops, restaurants, and art galleries. We walked around with Starbucks in our hand, checked out the shops, and people watched on a bench whenever I would get tired of walking. We spent some time at the casino for Jonathan, of course. The casinos are nice there. Very laid back and we were probably the youngest people there.

We had lunch at a Mexican eatery called Azul. If you are a fan of tequila, then you should check this place out. They had a tequila shot there that would cost you 195 dollars and about three pages full of different tequilas to try out. INSANE! The food there was delicious. I wanted to purchase a bottle of their salsa. It was amazing.

DAY 3. TUESDAY. (a two hundred and fifteen dollar fishing trip)

We were up at five o’clock in the morning and ready for our fishing trip. This was our one big expensive thing that we would be doing on this trip. There is a service there that for about 120 dollars per person they will take you on a five hour fishing trip. Everything is provided and they help and instruct you every step of the way. They bait your hook and make sure that you are doing everything correctly. They will even gut your fish at the end of the trip. This was all done with Tahoe Sport Fishing. This was my first time fishing. Fishing is hard work. It’s even harder when you do not catch anything. I fished for five hours and did not catch one fish. My husband of course caught one. The coolest thing about taking the fishing trip is that there are places scattered around South Lake Tahoe that you can drop off your catch and they will cook it up for you. We chose McDuff’s Public House and Jonathan had his fish served up as Fish and Chips. I didn’t catch a fish so I ate my mac and cheese while listening to him gloat. It was really fun. Highly recommend spending the money and taking the trip. Not only do you get to fish but you get to see some spectacular views of the lake.

Let me just note that I ditched my iphone and started using my husband’s Samsung to take pictures. These pictures came out amazing. I am upset about my camera now. All the pictures in this post are all taken from his Samsung phone.

DAY 4. WEDNESDAY.  (bingo and improv)

Yet, another lazy day. I was pretty beat from the fishing trip and a little sore from bobbing that fishing pole up and down. I don’t think we left our room for the day until one o’clock. We slept in a little and had a late breakfast in bed with some TV time. We went out and sat at Starbucks and did some people watching while enjoying some music from a local artist.

The resort hosts cute little free activities to do during the week. They had everything from rooftop yoga to a movie night. We attended the bingo night on Wednesday. I, of course, did not win but Jonathan did win us a cute little bottle opener in the shape of a bear.

One of the casino’s there hosts improv every day from Wednesday to Sunday and our hotel had a BOGO coupon for a show. Of course we went. The comedians were great. I am usually slow when it comes to joke but they did a pretty good job. Again, we were probably the youngest people in the room. One of the comedians focused more on politics which my husband sure did enjoy. The show would have been something that I paid full price. A must see. TIP: Bring in your own drinks from the casino. Faster service + cheaper drinks.

DAY 5. THURSDAY. (Camp Richardson, I cried, and a drive around the lake)

We dedicated our last day to go and spend some time with nature. We even called it our “nature day”. We visited Camp Richardson which is a fun spot to bike, spend time in the lake as they had a dedicated swimming area, and hang out at the beach. We didn’t do any swimming but we did walk around a little historic site that is right along the beach. We ate a restaurant called Beacon Bar & Grill that had a patio reaching all the way out to the water. The seating arrangement was very tight as everyone wanted to sit out on the patio so you may get bumped once or twice by a hurrying waiter. The food was okay as their menu had a lot of different options that what you normally see on a menu. But, I am someone that orders the same thing at every restaurant. The views were nice. You can see all the people on paddle boards, jet skis, and swimming around in the lake. We even found a pinecone about the size of a large pineapple to take home.

Side story:

As we were sitting there eating our lunch right along the lake we spotted a mother duck with about fifteen babies following behind. They were so cute just swimming around pier. The mother duck and all but one baby duck swam under the pier to get to the other side. One was left behind screaming and frantically swimming around in circles. It eventually did take the plunge and make it under the pier to the other and reunite with the family. I had to witness it all. I panicked and I cried. Those pregnancy hormones were in full effect that day. My husband just sat there and laughed at me while I had tears streaming down my face.

DAY 6. FRIDAY.  (fifteen hour drive and the best burrito ever)

Unfortunately, we had to leave the 70 degree weather and head back to our 110 degree weather. This was another terrible drive for me. The same back pain issue and even worse traffic problems. It took us a total of fifteen hours to get home because of the traffic in San Diego. Good reminder of why I would never want to leave in California. I sure do enjoy my small town. We did make a special pit stop to an eatery that my husband discovered the last time he was in San Diego for work. It was a burrito place called Luche Libra. I highly recommend this place. It was an amazing burrito and it was not even that expensive. The place is decorated in a fun wrestling theme with memorabilia all over the walls.

So, that was our trip to South Lake Tahoe. There is definitely way more to do there but being five months pregnant kept this trip as more of a sit back and relax type of trip. They have a cute dinner and dance cruise, they have a gondola ride, zip lining, jet ski, paddle boards, and all sorts of things. Please be aware, this place is a little more on the expensive side but we had a perfectly good time on a budget. One of the things that I greatly enjoyed was how calm and not everywhere we went was so busy. There is also a lot of tiny stages set up at various restaurants and they always have someone incredible playing.

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