Steal his hoodie and his…

shave balm y’all!

This is probably like the most unusual makeup dupe out there. I have switched out from buying expensive face primers with a shave balm. Weird, right? Anyways, I first saw this being used this way on YouTube. I thought it was weird and had no interest in trying this out. Then, it came time to buy a new primer. I was not happy with the prices. I usually get the prime & poreless that does not last as long as I would like it to. But, sitting in the back of my mind was the idea to try this out. I am never going back.

The shave balm that I am talking about is Nivea Post Replenishing Shave Balm. It was five dollars and some change at Target. Get it here! So, if you are balling on a budget I recommend giving this a try.

My foundation stays put and looks flawless. I only have to use a dime size amount of this in order to cover my full face. It does take a few minutes to completely dry. There is a hint of a man-like fragrance to it but once it dries I barely smell it. (This was tested) Once dried, my foundation goes on so smooth! Also, my face has not been dry since I started using this.

It is a great dupe for a primer.

My husband loves it and I love it. Killing two birds with one stone right there! It is a little odd to be passing around shave balm in the morning with your man. But, weird is quite alright.

Women have been raving about this too. There is an uproar of reviews for a men’s shave balm coming from women. How funny!

 we have the boyfriend tees and boyfriend jeans, how about boyfriend primer?

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think!

Comment below with the primer that you will be ditching after this… because I know you want to try it.

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