Happy New Year

2017 is here.

I have never been so nervous for a new year.

Big announcement, I am moving.

Where? I don’t know.

When? Sometime this year.

Can you feel my anxiety through these typed out messages on your phone?

I also have to go the dentist soon. Just for that reason I wanted to stay in 2016. I had a really bad experience at my last dental appointment that just imagining myself in the chair freaks me out. Post your best excuse to get out of going to the dentist in the comments. Much appreciated.

New year, who dis?

(I will keep using this joke)

So, I’m baaaaaaack.

I took a much needed break from blogging because I was not doing it right. Blogging is hard guys. I just jumped right into this blogging thing without researching a single thing or socks. The past three months I gained connections of other successful bloggers and took some mental notes to forget. I did a little bit more research, set goals, and got organized.

I still may not know exactly what I am doing but follow along anyways. I hope you enjoy.


Wait… I forgot the socks again.

Goals, wishes, and resolutions

Take more pictures. Take better care of my body. Always have my nails painted. Do not pick at the nail polish. Try out new recipes. Visit Seattle, Washington. Drink a date shake. Go to the dunes. Try some sushi. Swim in the ocean. Go see the White House. Finish all of my classes with A’s. Take vitamins everyday. Be the best wife ever. Finish 24 books. Gain 1,000 followers for the blog. Post more.

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