How I Organize My Important Papers

I got it from my mama.

(I am talking about this life hack not my you know what)

A binder, some protector sheets, and a whole lot of important papers is all you need for this little life tip.

I file everything within binders in my house. This is mainly done because we do not own a filing cabinet. This keeps my documents just as organized though.

Each binder I have holds a different category of each group of documents. We have one for me, one for him, one for us, and one for our home. Each document or group of documents is placed in a protector sheet. This way the papers will stay nice and neat but I can still see the paper.

When it is time to go check in my ring at the jewelry store I can easily just pull up to the store with the correct binder. It is almost embarrassing how overly organized you will look. The documents come right out when I get there and go right back in the binder when they are done. It is easy to lose a piece of paper but not a binder. I used to lose a lot of things.

You can even take a step higher than me by adding some dividers and creative labels. I just used construction paper for labels. I will update the labels soon to step up my game.

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“Oh, honey” kind of story.

Jonathan once brought me to his filing system to grab some documents needed for us to get all situated in the Marine Corps as a married couple. His filing system ended up being the trunk of his car with a whole bunch of papers scattered around. I would say I was impressed that all his papers managed to be in some kind of order and none of them were damaged. But, he has his own nice and neat binder now.


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