The perfect gift for him

Trying to find the perfect inexpensive gift for men is the hardest thing that you will probably do this holiday season. You can ask but they won’t tell you or they nicely plead for nothing. I have found such gift that I am sure any guy would appreciate. I hope this works out for the ladies searching.

It a wallet insert!

the perfect gift for him

I wanted to get Jonathan something very different for our one year anniversary. I wanted it to be something manly enough that he would want to carry it with him which seemed impossible. Looking through the internet I found the perfect gift. I really do not think I will ever find a better gift for him.  I found it on Etsy. It is a copper wallet insert with a special message engraved on it. The message is “come home babe” because this is something that I would tell him almost every day when we were living apart. For the Fault in the Stars fans this was our “okay”. He can look in his wallet and see this knowing that I am at home waiting for him always. It is also manly enough for him that he has been carrying it with him for over two years now.

Here is the Etsy shop, CLICK HERE.

the perfect gift for him

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  1. Aw that’s super cute! I actually leave sticky notes in my fiance’s wallet every so often. The best part is when I glance in his wallet again some weeks later and I still see it in there 😉

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