Sunday Thoughts, October 9th

I know I have not been at this very long BUT whatever just go with it.

Blogging is such a fun learning experience about yourself.

I have been complimented by so many about my writing and I sit there and laugh waiting for the punch line to their joke. None of them were joking and now I have let it all go to my head. Thanks guys. In all seriousness, you all are just fueling me to want to write about everything and giving me the confidence to do so. I cannot wait for everyone to read what exactly goes on this pretty little head of mine, Stay tuned.

Regardless of my lack of creativity I knew that I wanted this to be a DIY blog when I first started out. I have since studied and practiced my hand at being creative. I can almost now pick something up and turn it into exactly what I wanted. This has been fun. The other day I was staring at my bin of supplies and whooped myself up a fall banner in a matter of twenty minutes. That is crazy. This blogging has really taught me how to be crafty.

My blog has also been a mix up of a lifestyle blog, so they say. This basically means that I will post my thoughts and feelings on this blog. This has been something that I was more afraid of then just the crafts. This is me putting myself out there which is something that I do not do. I am a very keep to myself person. With this blog I have learned how to separate the thoughts of feelings that should or should not be shared. The thoughts and feelings that are shared are very filtered but still made for a good post. Blogging can be a little bit of work.

I am a business major and this is kind of like running a business. You have to do all the marketing, keep up with what the people want, and put out the goods (posts) in a timely manner. It has now given me the confidence to start up a business which is something that is in the works. The feedback that I have been receiving and the knowledge that I have gained from blogging has fueled me to want to start up an Etsy shop. We will see how that goes.

What is the point of this post?

This is just an update from my behind the name. My husband told me to get a hobby a couple months ago and this what was chosen for it. I knew nothing about blogging. I had no idea what the outcome would be. So far it has been very positive. People are actually enjoying what I have to say. Crazy!

To those that want to blog,

Do it. Just try it out.

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