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As you may have read before I am your typical military spouse.

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My husband had made the gracious decision to re-enlist and because of this I decided to put myself out there and get more involved in the military community. If this is going to be my life for a while why not, right?


I got involved by volunteering with the unit’s family readiness program. I won’t go into too much detail of what this program is because it is beside the point for this blog post. But it is basically a resource and referral program for the families within the unit. I was appointed as a Family Readiness Assistant in the beginning of the summer. With the title of an assistant my duties have been mainly planning and hosting events for spouses and families and reaching to the spouses in the unit.

SIDE NOTE: If you are a marine spouse this is a great way to meet other spouses among the unit. Go out there and get involved. These are the people you have for that time at that station so embrace them.

December of 2015 was when I moved to the middle of nowhere. The only time I would have another girl around to talk to was when I was at a going away party or at a birthday party for one of my husband’s friends. I do not have a job yet so I spend most of my time at home waiting anxiously for my husband to come home. Volunteering has fixed both of these not-so-really problems. I have met a lot of great friends and have meetings and events to keep me busy.

I have always been the full time student with a full time job and because of this I never really had the time to create friendships. The people that I have met so far from my involvement from this program is one of the main reasons why I have been enjoying this so much. They are probably not aware of what an impact that they have made on me in this short amount of time. I have learned so much from them and grew into a person that I have always wanted to be. I used to be the one that kept to herself and hide behind her husband but because of them I learned how to be this outgoing very out-there person to anyone and everyone. I am thankful for this opportunity to volunteer for such program because of them. Thanks ya’ll.

FUNNY STORY: At our recent event we were doing an ice breaker to kick it off and a question I got asked what a common misconception people have about myself was. I went blank as I could not figure one out. My friend then saved me by saying that she thought that I was quite at first. I laughed inside my head and just went along with it to give an answer to the question and move on. But, I AM QUIET. 

My first Marine Corps Birthday Ball I was a new girlfriend that did not know many people so my husband was dragging me around introducing me to people. My second ball I spent the night with the usual crowd of people we hang out with. This upcoming ball I get to be the one to drag him around and introduce him to people. Look at me go.

This has been my Sunday thought. I hope you enjoyed.



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