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I am currently typing this blog post while waiting for my nail polish to dry. The nail polish that was picked reminded me of the day before my wedding. Here is why.

December 18, 2015

The day before my wedding us girls went out to get our nails done. This consisted of my mom, my two sisters, and me. All this bride to be wanted was navy blue nails. This nail salon had no such color. It was like I was asking for some strange color that no one has ever heard of before. They had a color that was somewhat close to what I wanted but two nails in and they ran out. The nail tech just looked at us like we were SOL. My toes were prepped and ready to be painted along with the acrylics on my fingernails with no polish. We were already there for a couple of hours and we had my husband and my brother sitting in the car waiting for us. My people came to the flippin’ rescue though. My poor sister walked next door to the grocery store and found me the exact color of navy blue that I wanted. It also came with Starbucks from my mom, holla. My husband had my little brother and little sister occupied with whatever they were doing in the car. I got pampered and everything ended up quite alright. So now every time I paint my nails with this color I get the lovely reminder of this day. It was not the best experience we had at a nail salon but my people made it great. You go people. Love y’all.

All I wanted was navy blue nail polish and that is what I got along with this great story.

I enjoy finding these little reminders because a bottle of 490 Urban was able to bring some joy into my head at two in the morning.



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