But Shoot, It Was 99 Cents


Almost every morning I get asked where his cover is or we argue on who has to go upstairs to go and grab it.

& then this gem was found at our local goodwill.

But it was bright blue.

My first upcycle, woohoo.

IMG_2349 Here is the before. I started to paint in the corner and then remembered that I needed a before picture!

My plans for this piece is to hang it by the front door and use it as a catch all for my husband. All the stuff he will need to get him through the day will all be right next to the front door. No more six in the morning hunting.

It is laminate but no one has time to be sanding. Sorry. I am just going straight in with 99 cent paint from Wal-Mart. Welcome to my life.


  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Hooks
  • A husband to install the hooks.
  • The crap to put this thing to use.


  1. Clean it off real good. Its from Goodwill. Other people’s stuff amirite?
  2. Paint.
    • Because this piece was a laminate it was a little more complicated to paint. I added very thin layers and waited for them previous layer to dry before adding more. I used black paint so it covered up pretty quick.
  3. Add hooks or other hardware you need.
    • I added one small hook on top for his cover, three smaller hooks on the bottom for keys, and one bigger hook on the side for a dog leash.
  4. Place on wall.
  5. Add the stuffs!

It’s great & there is no more blue.

His cover, watch, wallet, and keys are all here. The dog leash, dog treats, and dog bags are also all here for the pup.

Happy boys, happy life.



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