My Baby Sterling

We are dog people with a cat.

We had a gift card to Old Navy which just so happened to be next to a PetSmart. After shopping we went into the pets store to look around and found ourselves walking out with a cat. We are both known to be allergic to cats but somehow she works. She was just the character we needed to fill our first home together.

So, my people meet my lady Sterling.*


She is our little diva. Diva might even be an under statement. She is a brat.

We love her though, I promise. I will say something nice now: She is the most perfect little angel when she is asleep.

She begs for food and by begging I mean grabbing for your food before it hits your mouth. She talks a lot. She will just walk around meowing. She will even talk back to you if say something to her. She hates alarm clocks. She will walk across the bed to my husband’s nightstand to knock off his phone and shut the thing up. I love her for that. Three o’clock in the morning she wants cuddles and will walk all over you until she gets it. She likes to knock over things that are on tables, especially cups filled with water. She snorts when she plays. She cries for us when we are outside the front door. She loves when we have guests and will prop herself into anyone’s lap. She knows what no means and sometimes she likes to test my no’s. She is interested in everything that we do and needs to be involved in all of it. She hides underneath our bed and attacks our ankle when we walk by. She also jumps at your leg when you walk by her in the dark. My poor husband rubs my feet at night and pets her at the same time. She gets very excited to watch the kids play outside.



She is not like any cat. She is a special one.

I just wrote a blog post about my cat. What in the world. It is also 2:19 in the morning. Okay, goodnight. I’ll stick with the DIYs.

*She has no idea that her name is Sterling. She listens to Baby Girl. Oops. Totally my fault too.

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