I am a MilSo.

December 19th I married an United States Marine thus making me a military spouse.

In the beginning months of our marriage I had absolutely no intention on being your typical military spouse nor did I think I was fit for the part. It did not match my personality and it was not a lifestyle I understood. It was not something that I was not able to avoid though. I thought my life would be the same after marriage with school, job, and everyday life. I was wrong. Slowly my life changed and I became your typical military spouse. I became affiliated and there was no running from it especially when you move to a city in the middle of nowhere and it is all you got.

Being a military spouse is such an unique experience that it should be embraced. Do not hold back even when you crave for that normal life.

My vocabulary changed.

My husband was speaking in some crazy language when we first moved to Yuma. I never knew what he was talking about when it came to anything military related. There was a lot of abbreviations and a lot of eye rolling from him. It is not a hat, it is a cover. I know what a hush house is and the difference between the jets that fly above. I will pick him up from work at 1630. I know the rank structure and the basic responsibilities for each. It is not vocabulary that you have to study or learn it is just something that becomes apart of your daily life.

My future changed.

I am a planner. NOPE. No more of that. I have dozens of scenarios now. I can give you plans about a month out but nothing past that because I have absolutely no idea where we will be or what we will be doing. I changed my degree to something that can be taken anywhere and is taught everywhere. Sometimes my husband will be home for dinner and sometimes I have to bring dinner to him. Date nights are spontaneous so you do not get upset when you do have one planned out and all of a sudden he gets called into work. I do not sleep when he is gone on duty. Why? I have no idea but it happens every single time. I attend more going away parties than I do birthday parties and other typical celebrations.

My priorities changed.

My dependent ID is my number one priority. To know my husbands information is more important than mine. This topic is short but those two points just had to be written.

My cool new skills.

I have a one closet upstairs with neatly organized gear. I can almost fully cut my husbands hair. I know how to properly take care of his uniforms. I can help pull off his cammies when the rolled sleeves are too tight. I can successfully and safely get two trips worth of drunk and awake marines back to base on a Saturday night. I can get a half awake marine out the door for work every morning with everything that he needs. Commissary is closed on Mondays. That is a skill, trust me. I know how to drive fifteen miles an hour, unlike others. I am OPSEC and PII certified. How to not trip over those hefty boots is something I almost have down.



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