A Little History Lesson For Ya

If you ever feel in a blah mood I recommend going through old boxes or digging really deep in that closet full of old stuff.

I am not a hoarder I just keep all the right keepsakes. I went through our hallway closet today and found a piece of scrap paper from two and a half years ago. This piece of paper was a good reminder for me and I thought I would share it with you guys.

I rang in the new year of 2014 alone. I was burned out from my job, in a degree I was not enjoying, and in a living situation where the differences between my roommate and I caused us to no longer speak. I had a job, was going to school, and had a roof over my head. I was not complaining but just knew I needed a little change in my life. Before I went to bed that night I wrote a little note on a notecard and stuck it up on my bulletin board. It was a vague statement because I did not know much of what I meant by it. It was just a thought that I knew I would need to see everyday. I had no idea that I kept it but I am sure glad I did. It was a fun story to tell my husband and you guys today.

In 2014 I will be leaving.


Later that month my dad had a quick three day trip planned to Arizona from Colorado. I decided to tag along with him. We would leave on a Wednesday and return that Friday. I took to Facebook and let my friends know of my plans for the trip not aware that my future husband was to read it.

Thank you Facebook for archiving messenger messages. I was able to hunt down this conversation between Jonathan and I. Jonathan just so happened to be taking leave to come down to Phoenix that same weekend as I was there. He was coming down on a Friday and I was leaving on Friday. Asking him now he says that he had to change his leave to be able to leave early on Thursday to get coffee with me that day.

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January 30th was the day before we were to leave and so much happened to me that day.

I had a heart to heart with my dad in the parking lot of the wrong bank that we needed about how I needed a change and was just thinking about moving back to Arizona. He gave me all the advice that I needed. We went to the DMV next and got me an Arizona driver license so I can gain in state tuition rights sooner. I applied at the school I wanted to go to in a new degree. To end the day, I met up with my future husband for a cup of coffee that turned into the best date of my life.

Six months later I moved to Mesa, Arizona. I had a beautiful condo all to myself. I had a great job. I was going to school in a degree that better suited myself. I also had a great boyfriend that was only three hours away. Everything that had happened to me was the exact change that I needed.

This experience never made me chose between going right or left because it was all just thrown at me with no option to give any of it back. I am so thankful for all that I have now, especially my husband. Thinking of it now there would of have been no other way that me and him would of have ever seen each other again if January 30th did not happen. That is just so crazy to think about.

It was fun to find this piece of paper today.

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