DIY Birthday Card

I recently came across this news article and knew I needed to send this girl a birthday card. So, I made one just for her.

This is an upcycled craft and all the materials used were things that I have around the house.

Do not worry my stash will end soon.

Here is a quick & easy DIY birthday card.


  • Different Colored Construction Paper
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pen
  • Cardstock
  • Envelope
  • Stamps


  1. Gather all supplies needed for this project. If needed you can easily substitute any of this supplies with what YOU have around the house. Example, instead of twine you can use string and instead of construction paper you can use washi tape.Supplies
  2.  I had to cut down the cardstock so that when folded once in half it will fit in the envelope. So, if needed cut down the cardstock to the size of your envelope. Fold the card in half.DIY Birthday Card
  3. Cut a piece of twine to the length of the card.DIY Birthday Card
  4. Hot glue the ends to each side of the card. I did it a couple centimeters from the edge of the cardstock.DIY Birthday CardDIY Birthday Card
  5.  Cut out random sizes of rectangles with the right amount for each letter. I spelt out the statement ‘HAPPY BDAY” for the card. You can use any greeting.DIY Birthday Card
  6. Fold each in half.DIY Birthday Card
  7. Cut the shape into a triangle. This is going to create the banner look for the statement.DIY Birthday Card
  8. With the pen write out the statement using one shape for one letter.DIY Birthday Card
  9. Place the letter on the twine ensuring that it looks the way you want it before gluing.DIY Birthday Card
  10. Glue the tips of each triangle together.DIY Birthday Card
  11. Write your message, fold, and mail away!DIY Birthday Card


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