DIY Mouse Pad

I think cheap may be my favorite quality in anything.

& along with cheap, I like easy!

Here is a very cheap & easy DIY mouse pad.

A mouse pad was on my list of things that I needed. There are cheap enough mouse pads out there where I could of just gone out and purchased one but where is the fun in that. So, I made my own chic mouse pad for absolutely no money. This DIY was an upcycle of materials and supplies that I had laying around my house. I encourage you to do the same as you do not need to use the materials that I have listed below.

Get creative and make your own unique mouse pad with this DIY.


  • Cardboard Box
  • Fabric
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • An item to use to trace desired shape
  • Pencil


  1. Gather all the supplies. Plug in your hot glue gun.Supplies Needed
  2. Trace the item of your choosing onto the cardboard with your pencil twice. I went OG and used a Pyrex bowl for a  simple circle. Having two of the cut outs will make the mouse pad durable and thicker. DIY Mouse Pad
  3. Cut out the shapes out. DIY MOUSE PAD
  4. Glue both pieces together. 20160613_145210000_iOS
  5. Glue the fabric to the shape. 20160613_145414000_iOS
  6. Place the glue along the side of the shape and press the fabric down onto the glue. This is done so that we do not see the cardboard box. 20160613_150146000_iOS
  7. Cut the excess fabric that is left over. Cut excess fabric

 Ta daaaa, ya just made a flippin’ mouse pad.



  • Instead of fabric you can use scrapbook paper or cardstock.
  • Instead of a circle use an interesting shape.
  • Instead of a cardboard box you can use cork or popsicle sticks.

What did your mouse pad turn out to look like?


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