My Ipsy Review


Ipsy is a personalized monthly subscription that sends out makeup and beauty samples straight to your door. Do I need to say more?! The subscription is only ten dollars a month and with that you receive a stylish makeup bag, five samples, and exclusive offers and coupons. The samples range from makeup, skin care, and beauty tools. This subscription is completely personalized to you by a quiz that is required to be taken in the beginning. This quiz allows those at Ipsy to create a bag of five samples that will best work for you. By the way, there is no commitment as you can cancel your subscription ANYTIME.

I have been receiving Ipsy for about two and a half years now and I absolutely love it. I am introduced to new products, brands, and makeup artists. It is like a mini monthly restock for my makeup collection. Since receiving Ipsy my love for makeup has expanded and even improved. I highly recommend this to anyone whether you are into makeup or not.

My mailbox has never looked so good before Ipsy. Hot pink packages are the BEST.


It is all the brands that we all want while also introducing the newer and unheard of brands. I receive anything from NYX, Tarte, Benefit, and It Cosmetics. I am able to sample brands that I love and sample brand new brands that I would have never  The brands that are given out in the makeup subscription is what really makes this worth the excitement and money. I am able to try out these brands for ten dollars a month and enjoy their products that are specifically picked by makeup artists.

Makeup Bags

It is fun to have a collection of very cute makeup bags. They sure do come in handy with traveling and organizing your purse. Each bag corresponds with a theme so it is pretty exciting each month to see the bag. Don’t put them in the washer BTW.

Cashing in points.

When you share your upcoming bag or your reviews on the products Ipsy rewards you with points. These points can later be redeemed for bonus products that will be mailed with your next bag. I have redeemed my points to receive two makeup brushes that were 250 points each. It did take me a few months to accumulate enough points but they were free so I cannot complain to much. DO THE STUFF & GET THE THINGS. Share the sneak peaks and do the reviews each month and you should be getting the bonus products in no time.

Buying from the Ipsy Offers

Each month Ipsy offers exclusive discounted products for the members to purchase. I have so far purchased twice from this section of Ipsy. They are quite the deals! They sell out quick so always be on the look out for what interests you and act quick.

Ipsy also has a section of brand offers where they offer exclusive coupons to many featured brands. I have not used this option yet. Another option that I have not used within this company is their giveaways. I am Irish but not that Irish so I do not usually participate in events that luck is needed.

Buying full sizes

Even though the samples that I receive from Ipsy do last me quite sometime there has been three products that I have had to turn around and purchase. I guess you can say these are my most favorite products that I have ever received from Ipsy. The three products are a face mask, a mascara, and a concealer. The face mask was a honey moisture mask from the brand Lather. IT WAS AMAZING. The mascara and the concealer were both from the brand IT Cosmetics.


Shout out to my mom!

This has been her birthday present for me for the past two years.

Thanks mom!


Monthly Beauty Subscription. $10.00. 5 Beauty Samples. Sign up here.

Do you receive Ipsy? If so, how do you like it?!

What is your favorite product that you have ever received from Ipsy?


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