DIY Kitchen Command Center

Organization is key….

Refrigerators are usually covered with an assortment of free magnets, past due invitations, and family pictures. Give your refrigerator its full potential and create this easy and cheap command center that will help keep your life organized!

This command center is going to contain a monthly calendar, a weekly menu, a to-do list, and paper for grocery lists. There are plenty of other options to choose from to make a more unique command center for yourself. Some examples are a list of chores, a bill tracker, a homework check list, and an exercising check list. Anything that can be used to help organize you and your family can be placed on your fridge for all to see.

I purchased three frames and a set of magnetic clips from the local Dollar General and I purchased a set of stick on magnets from Wal-Mart. The paper used for this project was printer paper, construction paper, and cardstock that I had available already from previous projects. I estimate this quick and easy project for well under ten dollars.

Personally I do not mind my penmanship as I drew my own design for the Menu and To-do list. For those who do mind their penmanship can download a free template here: Command Center Template

The hardest part is keeping up with the utilization of this command center so good luck!


  • (1) 11×14 Frame
  • (2) 8×5 Frames
  • (1) Magnetic Clip
  • (5) Sheets of Printer Paper
  • (14) Stick-On Magnets
  • (2) Sheets of Paper – Color One
  • (4) Sheets of Paper – Color Two
  • (1) Glue
  • (1) Scissor


Instructions for the Menu & the To-Do List:

  1. Gather all supplies that will be needed.
    • Scissors
    • Sharpie
    • Pencil
    • (2) 8×5 Frames
    • (8) Stick-On Magnets
    • PaperIMG_1791
  2. Trace the glass portion of the frame onto the paper that you have chosen to be the background. Cut out the shape that you have just traced.IMG_1793
  3. Label and design the paper that you just cut out. Again, I drew on my own labels but above you can download free printables!IMG_1795
  4. Remove the stand from the back of the frame and gather the magnets. IMG_1798
  5. Stick on four magnets to each corner of the back of the frame. IMG_1799
  6. Put the frame together. Repeat for the other frame!IMG_1802

Instructions for the Grocery List: 

  1. Gather all the supplies needed.
    • Printer Paper
    • Scissors
    • Magnetic Clip
  2. Cut the printer paper into half
  3. Cut the printer paper into half, again.
  4. Stack the paper in a pile and place them into the clip.

Instructions for the Monthly Calendar:

  1. Gather all the supplies needed.
    • (1) 11×14 Frame
    • (2) Sheets of Black Construction Paper
    • (2) Sheets of Cardstock
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • (6) Stick-on MagnetsSupplies fot the monthly calendar
  2. Cut out the pieces needed for the month calendar.
    • (1) Long Piece – Used for the month
    • (7) Smaller Rectangles – Used for the days of the week
    • (35) Larger Rectangles – Used for the days of the monthIMG_1810
  3. Glue the two pieces of black construction paper together as this will create a background for the calendar.IMG_1811
  4. Place the cut outs on the black construction paper and glue them down. IMG_1813
  5. Put the frame together. Stick on four magnets onto each corner and stick on two magnets onto the middle of each side.

Place your new command center onto your fridge & fill it out!

DIY Kitchen Command Center

I have been using my command center for almost a month now and I love it. I have never planned out my meals for the week before and it makes grocery shopping easier and cooking easier.  This calendar has really helped the both my husband and I out in keeping our lives on the same page and organized.

How do you keep your life organized?

If you make this DIY project, please share it below!


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