Flower Keepsake


For the boys:

Buy the girl some flowers.

For the girls:

Save them forever.

In this beautiful decorative piece I have every single flower that my husband ever bought for me. From the first bouquet, to pre Marine Ball celebrations, and to the just because flowers they are stored in this piece as a keepsake. If my house was to ever catch on fire this would be the first item that I would grab to save. I will probably never understand why receiving flowers is such a grand gesture but seeing them everyday really helped when my husband was away. Not only does this work as a cute home decoration but there is that special meaning behind it.

This  specific decorative piece is from Pier One. It has one door and is surrounded with glass. It is about two feet tall and six inches wide.  There are plenty of different options that can be used to store your flowers as all you have to do get creative when choosing. You can use decorated mason jars and store the flowers from each occasion separately, store them in the vase that came along with the flowers, or find something like this.

To dry out the flowers I simply hung them upside down in the closet by a pant hanger. There are hundreds of other ways to preserve them that can be found on Pinterest. After the flowers are done drying out, I cut the stems and toss them into the container.


  • For each layer added into the collection add a label on the back side of the vase with the date and the reason.
  • Keep away from cats.


5 thoughts on “Flower Keepsake

  1. Omgsh girl!! This is just too cute!! I love this idea!! Why didn’t I think of this!! I should have been saving my boyfriends flowers because he sends them to me for special reasons. I seriously love what you did with your hubby’s flowers. What an amazing keepsake and it is totally beautiful!! I am so going to do this!!

    1. You need to do this! It is my most treasured item in my house and I show it off like a trophy. You will have to send me a picture of yours!

  2. I have decided after 63 years of age and after 43 years of marriage…I NEED A KEEPSAKE!
    Pier 1 will be my next shopping trip. Hopefully I will find one as pretty as yours. It is absolutely beautiful. I do have the dried flowers to get a good start. Wish me happy hunting!

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