Jonathan & Brianna

jAA-nuh-thun & bree-AA-nuh

Friends First 

I met Jonathan during the summer of 2005 as he lived just around the corner of my house in Buckeye, Arizona. We were neighbors for almost six years. We took the bus to school together and frequently hung out at each other’s houses or the neighborhood park. We used to see who could throw the baseball harder at each other while playing catch and I used to watch him play his dorky computer games. He will tell you I was mean and I will tell you that it was because he was a boy. During high school was when our friendship started to slip away and that was because of different interests and us simply growing up. Our junior year of high school he switched high schools and eventually moved to Mississippi and senior year is when I moved to Colorado. We then lost touch for a couple of years. He joined the Marines and I went to college. I would of never thought in a million years that I would be marrying that boy.

Fact: His parents still live in their Buckeye home and we got married in the backyard!

Funny story: Jonathan, our friend, and I did a science experiment on what happens to our body after no sleep for forty eight hours in seventh grade. We made it to thirty six hours before crashing. We jumped on a trampoline throughout the entire night. My mom got mad because we did not do the experiment part correctly. We got a C minus. It was all play and no work.



I posted on Facebook that I would be in town for a quick trip with my father. Jonathan was quick to message me and ask me out for coffee to catch up. I agreed to such event. After catching up with him for a couple hours at Starbucks he asked to buy me dinner.  After dinner, he asked to take to a movie. After the movie, he asked to kiss me. I said yes to all, obviously. That night my father and I traveled back to Colorado. I left thinking that I was not going to hear from him and to not put much thought into our night. He texted me the following morning and we talked every day after that.  A month later he asked me to be his girlfriend after I received roses and a bear in the mail. A couple months later I moved to Arizona. Jonathan and Arizona is just what I needed at that point in my life.

Facts: I almost did not recognize Jonathan when I was looking for him at the coffee shop. The day of meeting up with him we both found that we still had each others phone numbers in our phones. I still have the roses and bear that he sent me.

Funny Story: Before I left to grab coffee with him my dad tried to convince me that I was going on a date. He even announced to my grandparents that I was going on a date and would not be home for dinner. I fought it and repeatedly said it was just coffee. Jonathan and I did not even recognize it as a date until a month later. My dad mentioned this story before he walked me down the aisle.


Long Distance

July of 2014 is when I finally moved into a beautiful condo in Mesa, Az. The miles between us went from a thousand to two hundred. For almost two years of our relationship it was long distance. Jonathan made the weekend trip every weekend and would drive three hours to my house. The hardest part about it was missing out on each other’s lives. I would impatiently wait for the weekend he was in town to cook big meals, go see a movie, or just get out of the house. I planned everything around the days he would be home. He was someone I wanted to experience everything with and I had two days out of the week to do such things. It was fine but it got old. Finally, one day over the phone he asked me what I thought about moving to Yuma.

Fact: We skyped almost every night while I lived in Colorado.

Funny Story: There is nothing funny about  long distance relationships. I feel for those who are having to deal with such.



This is a not your typical proposal story. I was pretty much kept in the loop of the ring buying process and was told by him when he actually bought it. He told me he bought a ring in the middle of dinner at my favorite restaurant. That was all. You cannot tell a girl that you bought a ring and then not give it to her. The next morning we were walking to my car and he opened the trunk. Inside the trunk, Jonathan pointed at the jewelry store bag and said that there it was. Seriously? He then asked if I wanted it and I said of course I do. He said to bad and closed the trunk. He then opened the car door for me and I got into the car. Before closing the door he kneeled down and asked me to marry him. I said yes.

Fact: He was waiting to give me the ring because he wanted a quarter machine ring plastic container to put it in. He used to always joke and ask if I would still marry him if he got me a quarter machine ring. I planned for use to go to dinner that evening to “help” him with this process. I just confessed that last part to him.

Funny story: We were going over a budget and listed out all our credits and bills before we went to dinner that night. Jonathan had added a mysterious “miscellaneous” bill which turned out to be the ring.

IMG_0089 (2)

Married at 22

December 19, 2015 I married the love of my life. I do not think of it as marrying young but only as I am getting a head start to reaching our sixtieth anniversary. I now get to experience everything with my best friend without a three hour drive and hotel arrangements made. My heart is full and my life is complete. I will forever be grateful for this man.


Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. -Ruth 1:16


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  1. What a wonderful story! I laughed and cried and became so very proud of the fact that you know exactly where your heart is. Stay true to it and have a long wonderful marriage.

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