DIY Save The Date

Do it yourself. It is possible. You can do this.

My wedding is what unleashed my inner craftiness. I handmade so much for my wedding and it saved me hundreds of dollars that I did not have. The best part about making things yourself is that you can get it to be exactly the way you want with the correct wording and colors. Before you spend the money on anything for your wedding make sure you cannot make it first. I would then like to share with you how I created some of the things from my wedding starting with my save the date cards. Don’t worry, I am not the craftiest of the crafty and this project is so simple and easy!

I was looking for save the date cards to send out to our family and friends and while doing so I came across two problems. The first problem was that they were so expensive and second is that I couldn’t decide on one. It was going to cost me a little over a hundred dollars for eighty when I made a hundred and twenty for less than twenty dollars. After researching Pinterest and various wedding websites I collaborated all the ideas together into one unique idea for my save the date cards. I opened up Microsoft Word and started to get to work. Thank goodness for that Computer Information Systems class that I had to take for my degree, it sure did come in handy for this project. I was able to make a template to exactly the way I wanted my cards to look like. This was probably the hardest part about this project. I will be sharing the word document for your use for those who are interested in using it. I was able to make the template get two to a page which is one of many areas where I saved money. I purchased cardstock and took it to FedEx to get printed for just under six dollars. FedEx also offers to cut the paper for you at a low cost which was a huge time saver for me. I also downloaded fonts to further customize the cards to my liking. The rest of this project is just to put the pieces together and mail them out. This part was very tedious and can be done while you are watching TV.

This save the date will present to the person the day of your wedding in the cutest way. The person’s face when they open the card and see the knot tying is priceless!

Doing it Yourself…

  • Give yourself enough time to do this project. By doing so, you are not rushing yourself and are given time to fix cards that did not come out as well.
  • Before taking the cards to FedEx or any other printing company make sure you save the file as PDF. This will insure that fonts, format, and everything else stays the same.
  • Always try printing it on copy paper first and make sure everything will be placed right where you want it.



  • Cardstock
  • Twine
  • Envelopes
  • Hole puncher (I used a hole puncher that punched a smaller hole.)
  • Fine point Sharpie (Red or color of your choosing)

Prices & Stores:

All prices are before tax

  • The cardstock was from Michaels and is $3.33
  • The twine was from Michaels and is $2.69
  • The printing was done at FedEx for $5.98
Save the Date template:
I downloaded fonts from and added my own picture.


  1. Get your save the dates printed off onto the cardstock. Cut the cardstock into half. Fold the cards in half.
  2. Circle your date with red sharpie. I circled ours with a heart.IMG_1323
  3. Hole punch both sides in the middle of the paper.IMG_1331
  4. Cut the twine into six inches of length. IMG_1334
  5. Thread one side of the twine through the whole of one side and tie it off with a knot. PicMonkey Collage
  6. Tie a very loose knot in the middle of the strand of twine. IMG_1325
  7. Thread the other side of twine into the other whole and tie it off as well.PicMonkey Collage 2
  8. Make the knot inside as big and loose as you can. Close the card and mail them off!IMG_1322

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