DIY Greeting Card Keepsake

Written on the inside of them are usually special messages that you would want to save forever. But, how do you store them? You could just store them in a box and find that box when it is time to move or you could make this lovely book to show them off. I bring to you a quick and easy DIY to collaborate all the greeting cards from your events into one lovely book.


  • Cards
  • Hole Puncher
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Paper


  1. Divide the cards into two piles based off of their size.IMG_1288
  2. Hole punch the top left and bottom left corners of the bigger cardsIMG_1287
  3. Hole punch the top left corner only of the smaller cards.IMG_1286
  4. Cut your paper to the size of the biggest card in the pile in order to make a cover page.IMG_1289
  5. Design the paper to represent the event and hole punch the same corners.IMG_1290
  6. Starting with the cover and the card you used in step four thread the string through the top holes and tie it off loosely. Do the same for the bottom hole. IMG_1291
  • Use card stock or any other thick paper for the cover page.
  • Use yarn or twine.
  • Place a smaller cards in between the bigger cards.
  • Place a bigger card in the front and back of the book.
  • Tie the string loosely giving enough room to open the cards.

Any questions, please do ask!

The next time you receive dozens of creative cards you now know what to do. You’re welcome.




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