Public Service Announcement Y’all

Calling all book lovers!

Pinch yourself because this is not a dream and I have found the hidden treasure that we have all been dreaming of. Book lovers meet Thrift Books, Thrift Books meet book lovers.  This is a site that you can purchase books without making your wallet cry like a little baby. It is like an online Goodwill for books without the hassle of having to drive from store to store. Stay at home, relax, drink wine, and order away. I have never been so passionate about a company and have to share this. Here lies a website that you can purchase books for a fraction of the price.

Not only does this company sell you books at the best price but they are economical. Which is a thing that people are into now, right?  The first thing that I had to do when I discovered this website was look into the company which is something that is shared all over their website. They donate the books that do not sell to developing countries which is incredibly generous. They receive books before they head out to landfills, through donations, and from ex-libraries. Head over to their website to learn more! And they packaging? 100% recycled. SCORE.

BONUS: They offer free shipping on orders over ten dollars and usually have other great deals going on.

I seriously cannot handle. Have you bought a book or three yet?


The quality of the books were of course used. They are not new books. You cannot buy a new book for under four dollars. They are readable books. They are not torn or anything drastic. They have been read and carried around by one person or multiple people. So now, there is a story behind the story you purchased. The shinier the book doesn’t make the book any better.

Shipping was quick and free! I received emails with a tracking code and everything was delivered on time. Some books came from different areas so within the week after purchasing I received three different packages with my books.

Here is my first and not last receipt from I purchased eight books for just over thirty dollars. My husband was very happy and so was his wallet.

The next book purchase you make I highly recommend you use You will not be disappointed.


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